General conditions for adding comments

This site allows users to comment on telephone numbers to help other users easily identify the calls they receive from strangers. Comments on the site are subject to specific terms and conditions.

What is the purpose of comments on the website?

The comments made are intended to share experiences with phone numbers. Bad experiences with annoying telephone numbers, including contacts from telemarketing and survey structures on the one hand, and rewarding experiences with postal service operators or local authorities on the other hand. It is important to specify that comments are made exclusively on telephone numbers of legal entities and not natural persons. No messages of a personal nature are allowed.

Who is allowed to add comments to phone numbers ?

Only persons over 16 years of age are allowed to add comments, with the obligation to respect the rules for publishing comments.

How are comments processed ?

We are entitled to modify or delete a comment in order to present more reliable content. Comments are generally deleted when they violate the rules for publishing comments. This is done automatically through our system for detecting comments suspected of violating the comment posting rules or through feedback from website users who often report inappropriate comments.

Comment posting rules

The comments published on this site should be the user's experience and not that of a third party (operator) who is not responsible for the content. However, any expressions of vulgarity, insults or inappropriate comments are not permitted on our site.

We are committed to providing users with a clear and cultivated platform. Any comments that incite hatred against individuals or a category of inhabitants, with emphasis on national, racial or religious affiliation, are strictly forbidden. Any vulgar or obscene comments will be deleted. Advertisements and spam are also forbidden on the site. The same applies to comments and links that are not related to the objectives of the site.

Repeated comments as well as discussions and posts in the name of another person are not allowed.

In addition, any author of comments on our site agrees to respect the rules of not publishing comments :

  • Defamatory or vulgar
  • Supporting the commission of a criminal offence
  • Not in conformity with the law
  • Duplicated or with spam
  • That violate copyright or trademark
  • Tending to make propaganda or politics
  • Likely to harm a group of people because of their ethnicity, nationality, race or religion, homophobic, insulting, obscene, sexist or transphobic
  • That share external url
  • Which contain personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (RGPD)

Violation of these various conditions entitles us to restrict the right of the user concerned to add comments or to prevent him/her from accessing the website.

Validity of these conditions

We keep these terms and conditions up to date. The last modification took place in September 2020. The operator of this Service reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without giving reasons.