United Kingdom: Telephone code - call to the country United Kingdom

Telephone area code 44, 0044, +44: telephone area code of which country?

The country dialling code for United Kingdom is +44or 0044 (they're both identical).

How do you make a call to United Kingdom?

If you want to make a call to United Kingdom from abroad, you have to dial the following country code +44 (or 0044) followed by the national telephone number.

United Kingdom

Here's an example of a telephone number for United Kingdom

National telephone number: 0800 123 4567 (for local calls)
International telephone number: +44 800 123 4567 (for calling from abroad to United Kingdom)

Information about United Kingdom

Capital : London
Population : 64 800 000 Inhabitants
Time : 2019-08-19 12:47
Time zone : Europe/London