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  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 15 March à 12H36
    Called after accident :
    They said they were working alongside my insurer and started asking questions about the accident, I started asking questions back about who they were and they hung up
  • Avatar
    Miss M
    Scam / Malicious le 12 March à 17H59
    They pretended that I had had a car accident last year and that the third party were not happy with the outcome. When I told them that I did not know what they were talking about, they hang up.
  • Avatar
    Mr Sharp
    Scam / Malicious le 08 March à 13H46
    Caller was vague about my vehicle incident, but they could state my vehicle insurance company when asked. I didn't give out any information but asked the operator specific questions in return including the address they were calling from and their contact telephone number ( which I already had noted from caller ID ). Sensing I was sharp and on the ball, they hung up. During the very short conversation, the caller sounded inebriated. Little did they know that I was able to track their GPS coordinates very easily linked to their electronic device. Block this number in the interim but they'll be caught soon with the information I collected so shouldn't be any trouble to anyone else in future.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 27 February à 12H52
    Said they called on behalf of my insurance. told me about Whipplash following an accident which I told them they did not read the file... They then hung up abruptly
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 24 January à 16H49
    Mr :
    Called saying they were working alongside my insurance following an incident. Said how the third party had claimed for whiplash against their own insurance (when my insurance have accepted liability), and said I am illegible for compensation as I would have suffered similar injuries. They acted polite, but clearly a scam, and hung up as I said I had not been injured and had accepted full liability.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 24 January à 15H53
    Insurance ambulance chaser who pretend to be working with your insurance company
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 24 January à 15H42
    Mr :
    Similar experience to the other comments. At first he didn't realise I picked up and was talking to his colleagues. When I finally spoke to him he said he was from some company phoning on behalf of my insurance company and said relating my crash, there was a change of circumstance and that the third party was claiming discomfort around the seatbelt area of his body. He sounded like he was about to tell me my insurance didn't cover it and was going to ask me to pay some deposit or something until it's sorted. I then cut him off and said what seatbelt? The guy was on a motorbike, what are you talking about? Then he hung up!
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 24 January à 13H40
    Avoid this scumbags :
    Guy on phone was not professional. He did not realize that I had answered his call and continued to talk with his colleagues. When he finally spoke to me he lost his wording but knew my name and then he hung up between stumbling his scripted con.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 23 January à 17H29
    Clearly they get details from insurance companies---they rang claiming they had information from the National Accident Database, they said I was in an accident on said date - not true I was not in an accident, but my car had been stolen on said date. They call repeatedly for weeks, I ask to be taken off their list and say I wasn't in any accident. Doesn't seem to make a difference. They are very very rude too.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 22 January à 17H18
    Mr :
    Told me that "the other person involved in the crash is claiming for whiplash injuries" I asked who had given them the information to which they replied "We have been given your number". I said that no other person was involved (in fact I was hit by a deer) and that either they were telling me lies or that somebody had lied to them. They hung up.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 17 January à 17H42
    Claiming to represent my insurance company following a crash (which had actually happened). They had obviously got my details from somewhere but could not confirm any info on the incident. I then hung up.
  • Avatar
    Spam le 17 January à 13H00
    Insurance / accident cold call
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 29 December à 15H20
    Seems like a scam
  • Avatar
    Diamond Recovery or ACM
    Scam / Malicious le 13 December à 17H41
    False, scammers :
    DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. They put the phone down as soon as you call them out for what they are!
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 05 December à 13H11
    Exactly the same as others. Hung up when I told them no one else was involved.
  • Avatar
    After Care
    Cold caller le 03 December à 17H19
    Ambulance chasers :
    Ambulance chasers. Hung up when I asked them how they got my number.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 29 November à 20H27
    Insurance scam :
    Despite my being involved in car crash with no other parties they called me claiming a client had injuries from my crash...abruptly hung up when told no one else was involved!

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