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Telephone number 020 3455 4861 has a rating negative .
This telephone number has received a 30 Negative comment, 2 Neutral comment, 0 Positive comment.

Out of ... we have registered 32 reviews:
2 ratings Cold caller
18 ratings Scam / Malicious
1 rating Company
6 ratings Others
5 ratings Spam

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  • Avatar
    Prank Call
    Others le 30 May à 13H14
    Prank Call :
    Unimpressed, Indian takeaway claiming I hadn't picked up food. Obviously a set up and pranked by someone.
  • Avatar
    Spam le 18 May à 18H42
    gaynus :
    asked about genital wart cream, I'm not even sexually active lol
  • Avatar
    Spam le 27 April à 16H25
    Called saying I had rung him 4 times in the last hour and threatened if I do it again he’ll call the police (I never called him- he called me!!) very bizarre
  • Avatar
    Sahil khan
    Scam / Malicious le 08 April à 15H11
    He called himself Rakesh he call me 2 time from 2 different number fisrt asking for pizzas. 2nd time asking for wifi password so i told him don’t call otherwise i will call police
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 03 April à 17H07
    Mr :
    Said I owed taxes in dollars which was strange considering I'm a UK resident
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 29 March à 23H03
    Claimed they was calling from a Chinese restaurant and I had made orders and not collected them. Sounded very much like a slick YouTube prank video but I’m not sure why I was targeted. I was cracking up with how outlandish and extra the acent was but I do consider this a nuisance call.
  • Avatar
    Others le 28 March à 18H33
    this number called me claiming to be a chinese restount i had to go pick food up or something then i said i dont no you they said some threatening things etc lol
  • Avatar
    Prank Caller
    Scam / Malicious le 13 March à 14H43
    LOSER :
    Called a BUSINESS landline being malicious and threatening about my kids (dont have kids) People really have nothing better to do, how sad for them.
  • Avatar
    Others le 27 January à 12H01
    Called at 3 o'clock in the morning!
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 18 January à 17H17
    Made enquiries about use of washing machines then asked if my boyfriend liked the missionary position for sex!
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 16 January à 23H34
    22 05 :
    Kept ringing and ringing and ringing in the end answered to someone saying I hot his car how strange when u don't drive
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 07 January à 23H15
    Prank call :
    Prank caller just kept shouting
  • Avatar
    Cold caller le 29 December à 20H32
    Some scumbag phoned me saying have you been banging my girlfriend, he called him self Tyron, a natural idiot.
  • Avatar
    Cold caller le 29 December à 20H29
    Some scam bag phone saying have you been banging my girlfriend, called his name Tyron
  • Avatar
    Others le 26 December à 23H07
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 21 December à 21H54
    A guy called Rakish called asking for wifi password. He said he was a neighbour.
  • Avatar
    Big G
    Scam / Malicious le 17 December à 13H57
    Muppets - Avoid answering :
    Complete muppets & waste of time, tried to be aggressive with me, gave him one word answers and he eventually hung up!!
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 27 November à 16H46
    Time wasting.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 26 November à 13H39
    Ms :
    Rang saying id left a bad review on a food order and threatening me with death
  • Avatar
    Company le 24 November à 14H41
    Rang with threats of incident at round about same as other comments on here scammers
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 November à 23H56
    They sed I hit there car but it's funny I don't drive
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 November à 22H27
    Mr :
    calling saying with a Indian accent: its you who given me the middle finger last time on the road said : I know where you live ... you want me to come to see you? I presume they want you to call back or some sort of scam maybe to charge your number ... anyway just reported to the police
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 13 November à 23H37
    Typical phone scammer
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 13 November à 00H50
    Some lady ranting on about her car!
  • Avatar
    Prank caller app
    Others le 07 November à 23H29
    Prank call :
    Don't answer it's a prank app received calls at 4pm 6pm 9pm 1030pm sayingvwho the he'll are you they u with my girlfriend
  • Avatar
    Spam le 07 November à 17H38
    Prank caller asking who ideas n stuff
  • Avatar
    Spam le 31 October à 16H40
    OwnagePranks :
    Its a prank call app from OwnagePranks, Ignore the calls
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 29 October à 21H41
    Left me a voicemail in a "childs voice" asking where do babies come from ...
  • Avatar
    Spam le 27 October à 19H30
    Myself & 3 family mambers all received missed calls from this no at around the same time. When we called back it was a disconnected line. What is odd is that we all have different mobile numbers/companies & names, but we do live together...
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 26 October à 22H12
    Lmao ownage :
    Rakesh called saying I had to pick up a delivery of samosas Lmao. Tyrone called saying I had he's child. Hahaha
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 26 October à 18H13
    Scam caller :
    They said they were a Chinese restaurant and that your food was ready. I haven't ordered anything. Scammers.
  • Avatar
    Others le 24 October à 14H40
    Scam :
    Some man named Rakish called saying he lived in the neighbourhood and needs my wifi password

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