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  • Avatar
    roy wilson
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 21H51
    mr :
    Pretending to be a treasurer inspector from HMRC put phone down when asked for documents to be sent in case it was a scam. He said I had been accused of fraud and threatened next steps if I didn't pay.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 19H02
    HMRC Scam :
    Agressive, Demanding and Threatening. I am too well aware that HMRC will not make calls by phone, only letters, so I knew instantly it was a scam. However, the tone of it really did rattle my cage and left me furious. I just hope there is no one who is going to be frightened by this and fall for the scam.
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    Spam le 20 December à 15H15
    HMRC Scam :
    Absolutely ridiculous, called to tell me i'm going to be arrested for tax evasion! Made me so stressed and upset, I've always done my tax return correctly, told me I have to pay NOW or i'll go to court! Disgusting people, even the guy asked me how much 'cash' I had! wtf
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 12H52
    HMRC scam :
    Call from this number with automated message threatening court in connection with ongoing HMRC investigation.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 12H43
    Phone call - 20/12/17 '10:50am :
    I received a (missed) call this morning and when i listened to the voicemail,it stated that i would be arrested if I did not pay an outstanding 'whatever.' I have no idea whet this is all about but it did unsettle me. thanks to those who have posted here before me. It helps to know that there are others who are prepared to post comments about experiences as it helps all of us to keep our guard up against those who seek to manipulate us.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 12H30
    HMRC Scam - Do not call back - Reported to the authorities
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 12H10
    automated message claiming to be from HMRC and that if I didn't contact them an arrest warrant would be forthcoming. As I'm always up to date with HMRC and previously worked for the civil service, they chose the wrong guy. I'd hate to think how this would affect someone under stress as its 4 days before christmas.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 12H04
    Automated voice asking me to call Revenue and Customs as I am under investgation and a warrant will be issued for my arrest if I do not call today! Blatant scam but horrible none the less. Can't imagine how this would affect someone vulnerable.
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 11H49
    mr :
    got a call with an artificial voice saying that they are calling from revenue and custom and that i should contact a certain number (something like 02028564143) immediately because i am under investigation. failure to do so, i will be arrested. I think it is a scam because the tax office would have contacted by post. very amateurish
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 11H16
    Pretends to be HMRC
  • Avatar
    Scam / Malicious le 20 December à 11H05
    Not how the tax man works :
    It gives a recorded message telling you that Customs and Excise are giving me a final warning before they issue an arrest warrant. They instruct you to call a number straight away which will no doubt ask lots of personal questions so they can identify me. Chose the wrong person this time. I live and work in Spain and pay my taxes here. Have done for many years. I do not even do a UK tax return.

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