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Spam 2 years ago

Recorded message allegedly from HMRC. Total SCAM!

Vocal Spam 2 years ago

Missed a call from this number and got threatened with identity theft by a woman on the line. Its a scam number

Vocal Spam 2 years ago

I received this call and was told that it was from the H.M.R.C. and that an injunction had been taken out against me and that I had to call this number and that this was my final chance. Failure to do this could result in a prison sentence. It's a scam , report it

Vocal Spam 2 years ago

I received a message from this number saying they were phoning from HM customs and revenue and that a serious lawsuit had been filed against me. I was instructed to phone back as soon as possible to avoid incurring heavy penalties regarding same. A woman's name was left (Jennifer Coming) from HMRC quoting this phone number to phone ASAP. I then phoned HMRC and they told me this was most probably a hoax and that someone in their office had received a similar call. I am not usually taken in by hoax callers but this was very convincing. Please be aware.

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