What is Action Fraud Service in the UK ?

Action Fraud is the national fraud and cybercrime reporting center. It's the place where anyone living in the UK can get information and advice about fraud. You can also report cases of fraud either online or a phonecall if you have become a victim. Many times, victims of fraud feel too embarrassed to report these crimes or think little or nothing can be done about it. This is not the case. A fraudster can hide identity in an unknown call. Fraudsters take advantage of their victim's silence to get away with the committed crimes. Action Fraud aims at beating fraud by talking about these crimes. It is a forum where people can come forward and report fraud.

Reporting Fraud

Anyone can be a victim of fraud. If you have information about a possible fraudster or you suspect you have been involved in fraudulent activity, you can report to Action Fraud. Reporting a crime can be done at any time of the day or night. The online reporting tool is quick and easy. In order to identify what has happened, the online tool will take you through simple questions. The webchat is available 24/7, and advisors are there to give the advice and help that you need. If you think a scam has targeted you, you can report to Action Fraud by a phonecall on 0300 123 2040 or use Action Fraud's online reporting tool.

Why report ?

It is important to report even the smallest fraud like a fraudulent unknown call. When you record a report at Action Fraud, for example, an unknown call scam, it is passed on to NIFB (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau). NIFB is run by the City of London Police and tasked with reviewing fraud reports for dissemination to law enforcement agencies and the police force for action.

Registering Online

When reporting a crime online at Action Fraud, you will be given two options to register. Log in as a guest or to your existing account. By signing up for an account, you will be able to :

  • Save a complete report or resume to a partially done report.
  • Add more information to your report.
  • Track the progress of your report.
  • Receive an update via an email.
  • Give Action Fraud a phonecall to discuss your report.