Phone-paid Service Authority (PSA)

Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) regulates the content, goods or services that are charged to your phone bill. Among the bills that might make up a phone bill are music subscriptions, voting in TV talent shows, gaming, competitions, directory enquiry calls and adult services. The Phone-paid Service Authority is supposed to secure the interests of consumers of such services by formulating and enforcing rules and regulations that providers of phone-paid services must follow.

The authority is responsible for receiving complaints from the public about phone-paid services and taking the necessary actions to help resolve such issues. The administration largely relies on information provided by phone-paid service consumers to identify problems that could be affecting service delivery in the phone-paid service industry.

The Phone-paid Service Authority often solves most of the issues raised by engaging the phone-paid service providers, although this is not the only option that they have. For instance, the authority also has powers to launch investigations of alleged misconduct and hold the service provider accountable for their actions if there is evidence of wrongdoing. Guilty service providers could be prohibited from the market, issued with fines or face sanctions that are as severe as the authority may deem appropriate.

It is vital to point out that the Phone-paid Service Authority does not take up individual cases or order customer refunds unless there is such a recommendation from the Tribunal for Phone-paid Services. Customers who want to pursue a refund for damages caused by the phone-paid service providers, therefore, must get in touch with the provider of the service first. In fact, it is illegal for any person to be charged for irregularities related to phone-paid services if he or she does not approve of such a move. If you suspect that you are being charged for a service without your consent, therefore, you should contact your service provider to request the termination of existing subscriptions and discontinuation of the charge. If this does not work, however, be sure to contact us to learn more about your options.