What can i do against fixed line fraud ?

It’s well known that many fraudsters and scammers use the telephone to commit fraud. They call up innocent people and use their charm and persuasive manner to get these people to part with their sensitive information. How do these criminals get people to do this? by telling the Perhapsconcerned people that they’ve won a car or a large sum of money. Some gullible people are fooled and end up losing money as a result. Telephone scams and frauds go on all the time. Yet did you know that telephone companies can be scammed just as easily as telephone users can? Yes, it’s true. This type of fraud is in a category all of its own and is known as ‘fixed line fraud’. Let’s have a look at it.

How Is Fixed Line Fraud Carried out ?

As mentioned, fixed line fraud, otherwise called Premium Rate fraud, is the type of fraud that happens to telephone companies. There are several ways that criminals can defraud a telephone company. A common way of doing this is when they somehow get access to a switchboard. They then sell the power to make calls by this very switchboard. The specific name for this type of fraud is called ‘Dial Through Fraud' or DTF. There are other names for this type of fraud method, but that's the simplest one.

Are There Other Types of Fixed Line Fraud ?

Another type of fixed line fraud could be the Premium Rate Service Fraud. Sometimes these tricksters increase the number of calls placed to a particular line. They do this so they can boost the payments to be received from that number. Ever heard of call selling fraud? That’s yet another type of fixed line fraud. That's when the thieves take over a phone service. They then proceed to sell the power to place phone calls by that service. They never pay the bill. They just run with the money

They Can Steal Millions of Pounds

It’s difficult to believe that telephone service companies can be scammed, but it happens a lot. Everyone needs to stay alert. Having said that, this type of fraud can be difficult to discover without the right equipment. Needless to say, if you stumble upon a case of fixed line fraud, you must report it at the earliest opportunity.