Scam on premium rate phone line

Many people think that phone scams just affect individuals, but telephone companies can also be a prime target for unscrupulous fraudsters. These scams are commonly known as fixed line fraud or premium rate fraud.

Fixed line fraud can take several different forms - Dial Through Draft, premium rate service fraud, call selling fraud and fraudulent applications. Here, Action Fraud will explore these different types of telephone scams.
Dial Through Draft (DTF), also known as Direct Inward System Access Fraud (DISA), occurs when the fraudsters manage to gain access to a switchboard. They then go on to sell other people the capability to make calls through the hijacked switchboard.

The way a Premium Rate Service fraud works is that the fraudsters greatly increase the volume of calls made to a premium rate number. By doing so they can earn themselves a higher revenue from it.
Another form of fixed line fraud, which can leave those targeted seriously out of pocket, is call selling fraud. This particular fraud sees those responsible take out a phone service before selling on to third parties the ability to make calls through it. But unfortunately for the victims of this scam, the fraudster simply has zero intention of paying the final bill.

Fixed line fraud involving fraudulent applications is another favourite amongst the scammers. In this type of fraud, a phone service is taken out in a false name, with the fraudsters leaving a bad debt in their wake.
If you know that a fraud has been committed, please report it to Action Fraud.