What is Telephone Preference Service (TPS) in UK ?

Are you in the UK and lethargic of frequent unnecessary business and advertisement calls? The telephone preference service is your rescue being officially recognised by the UK as ”Do Not Call” register for both mobile and landline numbers. TPS gives all mobile users the freedom to opt-out business and unwanted calls.

The system is free and faster having no cost to register; thus if anyone asks for a registration fee, you should avoid him irrespective of false promises bloggers offer. Besides, TPS also allows registering for business company numbers or organisations like hospitals and schools through the corporate telephone preference service.

Once you register your telephone number, all business organisation will know on an attempt to call you; hence they won’t call being secured by privacy and electronic preference services. The EC directive on regulations 2003 authorises businesses to cease from calling registered numbers and fines any culprit.

The law orders businesses to monitor whether a number is under TPS and CTPS like after every 28 days to ensure they don’t make mistakes. Once you register on TPS no renewal you will encounter in future; you remain registered permanently.

However, the discrepancy arises when you register with CTPS where every year they keep updating you through emails on your registered number. The emails inquire you to make any change you wish to change purposely to ensure your registration numbers favours you.

Besides, it offers you details on how to renew where on failure, you will be free from their data files.

Administration of the TSP Program

The is very safe with Ofcom services which offer you a register to make your decision of not receiving marketing calls. The telephone preference service register is firmly on EC directive law, and direct marketing association (DMA) monitors its operation for the ICO. The DMA being the monitor of the TPS register uses information technology skills to offer useful and quick services. It gives businesses admittance and screening services to ensure all data entries they make doesn’t match to TPS list.

Therefore, having known the importance of TPS registration, if you aren’t a member proceed to the registration process.

Registration Process

You can register to TPS in two ways :

  • You can sign up for BT privacy while at your home and telephone preference service will register you.
  • You can register directly on TPS website at www.tpsonline.org.uk, or you call for registration via 0845 070 0707.

Moreover, TPS offers caller display that you use to identify all the new numbers calling you.

However, some businesses personnel may fail to comply with TPS regulation; thus if you receive a call from a number you opted-out, report the incidence to TPS support. The support system will solve out your case and guarantee you freedom from those calls.